It's always a little daunting to start at a new studio! So we've put together a guide for the etiquette we have at Sky Sirens so that your transition is as smooth as melted chocolate.


The Parlour
When you arrive each week, please sign in with the siren of the house at reception. Your teacher will advise when your class is ready to start. Until then, please wait in one of our Change Rooms (there are some upstairs and some downstairs!). If you are late, please let reception know before you enter the classroom. On your first lesson, you'll be given an envelope with a welcome letter inside, along with some more information regarding the term ahead.

* Please don't bring any outside food and drink into our studio *


Powder & Change Rooms
Our Powder Rooms and Change Rooms are open to students of all genders. If you require some privacy, you're welcome to use the cubicles in the Powder Rooms to get changed. Please place your bag/day-wear within the Change Room (not on the furniture please!) and take valuables (such as your phone and wallet) into class. Unfortunately we don’t take responsibility for lost/stolen items. Our Powder Room is always stocked up with deodorant, hairspray, hair elastics & pins, perfume and sanitary products so that you're always kept fresh and fancy!

* Please don't bring any outside food and drink into our studio *


Class Time
To ensure your fellow Sirens and Instructors always have a positive experience during class:
- It's encouraged to bring your mobile phone into class to take photos and videos of your progress. However, answering calls and text messaging are not permitted.
- Please make sure you shuffle yourself around each week so that we share different hoops, poles and space in the room.
- Please don’t talk over the top of your Instructor.
- Please don’t teach other students or offer advice on moves.
- Please don't bring any glass cups into the classrooms.
- After class, please stack all mats and blocks back neatly.


Sharing isn't Caring
It’s important to look after the health and safety of your fellow Sirens and Instructors. Please don’t come to class if you have a sniffle (or any other illness)! Above anything, it’s not safe for you to be physically exerting yourself while you’re sick - hot soup and kitty cuddles should definitely be in order. Our amazing instructors rely on their bodies for their income, and it’s not fair to expose them to anything that will impact their ability to teach. Your fellow Sirens also come to class to improve their health and well-being and we want to provide a safe environment for them to do this. Please do not be offended when you are asked to leave if we can see that you are sick. So please, not sharing is most definitely caring!


What to bring
"What do I bring to class?" is a common question from Siren Virgins across every term. We've put together a list of items for your Class or Practice Time checklist:
- A pair of leggings or stockings for Lyra.
- A pair of 'above the knee' shorts and heels for Pole.
- A babydoll slip, bodysuit or lingerie set for Burlesque.
- Leggings and a top, or a soft bodysuit, and socks for Sling.
- A hand towel (please don’t use bathroom hand-towels for sweat).
- A bottle of water (the high tea area is for before and after class, not during).
Click here to read more about what to wear.
Click here to see what our Lyra Sirens bring to class.
Click here to see what our Pole Sirens bring to class.


Practice Time
We encourage all our Sirens to attend Practice Time sessions as seen on the timetable. The price for currently enrolled Sirens is $10 cash for two hours. If you're a non-enrolled or previously enrolled Siren, the price is $20 cash for two hours. Sometimes Private Lessons or parties may take place during Practice Time Sessions. To avoid disappointment, please check our Facebook Page for updates or give us a call.
- Please don't touch the rigging on the apparatus. Please ask us to make changes to your apparatus and always use a crash-mat.
- Please don't teach or assist other people with anything.
- Practice time is not the time to learn new moves. Most Practice sessions are unsupervised, so it's unsafe to try anything new.
- Please don't play the same song on repeat (over and over again!). If you're practising a routine, please bring your own set of wireless headphones.


Catch up Classes
If you miss a class, you are welcome to attend another class of the same tier (ie. price). This must be done in the same term, and this is subject to availability.
1. You must cancel a class with minimum two hours notice, or you won’t be entitled to a ‘catch up’.
2. You may only book in a catch up class within 24 hours of your desired time slot (no earlier).
3. If you cancel or do not turn up to your catch up class, your class is then forfeited.
All class, catch up bookings and cancellations will only be valid if you email and receive a written reply. Please note, that if you email us outside of our opening hours or within an hour of our closing time- we will not respond until we open the next day.


Sky Sirens Private Group
If you are a currently enrolled Siren, please join our Facebook Group "Sky Sirens Superstar Students" to keep up to date with any Siren-related notifications. If you are a previously enrolled or soon-to-be enrolled Siren, your approval into the group will be confirmed once you have booked into a class. If you have a different name on Facebook, please send us a message.

Our group a place to share inspiration, videos and connect with your fellow Sirens. It's also a great way for us to connect with you, and for you to connect with each other. We are a supportive environment and only messages of encouragement and positivity are welcome. Before you engage in our group, please read the 'Housekeeping' etiquette pinned post at the top of the feed.


Speaking to Sirens
Our best method of contact is via email, and we will usually reply within 24 hours of your enquiry. If you'd prefer to speak to talk to us over the phone, please feel free to give us a call during opening hours. If we can't get to the phone, please leave us a voicemail message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Please don't Text Message the studio mobile.
Siren Instructors love to connect with students on Facebook - but please remember to always contact us at appropriate times in the day. Any studio related questions, private lesson requests and class attendance notifications must be emailed to the studio and not to Instructors privately.
The Siren Instructors have spent many years developing knowledge about performance and teaching, so please respect their experience and book a private lesson if you have any questions related to your personal development
as a performer.


Dancing Deaf
We have a number of students, and our Headmistress Katia who are Hard of Hearing or Deaf. Deafness or Hard-of-Hearing is not a loss – it’s a gain! However, hearing people are often not prepared for how to interact with the Deaf or HoH. So here’s a background to Katia’s own experience with deafness and what she would like you to know about communicating with your deaf and hard-of-hearing friends! Read the Blog here.


Personal about Pronouns
We all have different ways of expressing our identities, and sometimes we can be quick to assume someone’s gender based on how we perceive them. Although this is a natural instinct for most people, it's important to avoid assumptions in the studio environment so we can build respectful relationships with each other. Pronouns (she/her, he/him, they/them etc.) are often an important part of someone’s identity as it helps them to feel validated and comfortable. You may have noticed that during the first lesson of each class across every term, our instructors allow everyone to sit in a circle and introduce themselves, including their name, pronouns. A few students have expressed confusion about the use of pronouns, so we’ve decided to give everyone a “Babydoll Beginners” 101 on Pronouns to help answer these questions and clear up the confusion. Read our Blog here.


Fresh as a Daisy
We are committed to creating a safe space for all our students here at Sky Sirens, and that includes both mental health and physical health. Fortunately, there are small things that we can all do that can lead to big results. By incorporating some of this into your routine, we can all work together to create a safer environment for everyone. We have launched a few processes at the studio as well, including disinfectant spray in all rooms to wipe down mats and apparatus, and hand sanitizer in our bathrooms. Let’s work together to create a safer, cleaner space for all! Read our Blog here.