Become a Siren

Bookings are open for our mini term commencing 23rd September and our full eight week term six commencing on 21st October!

Term Five | 26th August ‘19 to 20th October ‘19 (bookings closed).
Term Five Mini Term | 23rd September ‘19 to 20th October ‘19 (bookings open).
Term Six | 21st October ‘19 to 15th December ‘19 (bookings open)

How to book:
Head to our Timetable Page and see when the classes take place! You can also have a look at our Class Descriptions or our Ultimate Virgin guide for more information on classes before you book.
Click here if you would like to enrol into our Mini Term.

Completely new to Pole, Burlesque or Lyra?
Click here to read our ultimate Virgin's guide!

Alternatively you can 'Speak to a Siren' via phone or email to book.


Classes run for one hour, once a week for eight weeks and are pre-paid. You must pay a 50% deposit to enrol and the remainder is due by Week 2. For every additional class you purchase for our 8 week term, you will receive $100 off your total (applied per person only). This discount will be applied at the studio upon final payment in week two (please ensure you select the “payment plan” option at checkout, as discounts are not refunded). Take a peek at our "Class Descriptions" page for a quick run down of all our class options. 

* Please note that Payment Plans are not available after Monday of Week One. After this date, you will need to pay in full for your enrolment. If you are wishing to purchase more than one class, please contact us for the discount.


$250 for an 8 week term | 1 hr class
Classes for experienced Burlesque Beauties to the absolute Babydoll Beginner!  
Casual Classes | $40


$300 for an 8 week term | 1 hr class
Lyra Classes from Absolute Beginners to Advanced! We even have a hand-loop class!
Casual Classes | $45


$250 for an 8 week term | 1 hr class
Pole Dancing classes from Absolute Beginners to Advanced!
Casual Classes | $40


$300 for an 8 week term | 1 hr class
Sling Classes from Absolute Beginners to Advanced!
Casual Classes | $45

Floorwork Classes

$250 for an 8 week term | 1 hr class
Sometimes it’s nice to dance without an apparatus, and roll around on the floor! From erotic style to classic Burlesque - we offer many varieties of floorwork.
Casual Classes | $40


Feather Fans

$250 for an 8 week term | 1 hr class
Ostrich Feather Fans are a beautiful prop, and at Sky Sirens - we teach classes from Beginners to Advanced.
Babydoll Fan Dance | Beginner
Feather Fantasy | Intermediate
Feather Fantasia | Advanced
Casual Classes | $40

Exotic Classes

$300  Lyra/Sling | $250 Pole | 8 week term | 1 hr class
Our Velvet classes are available for Pole and Lyra. These classes focus on sensuality, flow and floor movement. There is an option for Beginners and another for High Intermediate / Advanced.
Velvet Vixenettes Lyra | Velvet Vixens Lyra
Velvet Vixenettes Pole | Velvet Vixens Pole
Velvet Vixenettes Sling
Casual Classes | $45 Lyra | $40 Pole


Perfect Positions

$300  Lyra/Sling | $250 Pole | 8 week term | 1 hr class
Perfect Positions classes are available for Pole and Lyra. These are open level classes without a routine. Students learn at their own pace. This class is great to build strength & target nemesis moves.
Lyra | Pole | Sling
Casual Classes | $45 Lyra | $40 Pole


Doubles Classes

$300 for  Lyra | $250 for Pole | 8 week term | 1 hr class
Learn Doubles tricks with your buddy and put them together in a routine! You can try Doubles for Pole or Lyra.

Conditioning Classes

$220 for an 8 week term | 1 hr class
These conditioning classes are a great side to accompany your main course! Whether you're struggling with flexibility and strength or want to enhance the skill set you already have - a conditioning class is a great place to start. 
Sexy Flexy | Bombshell Bootcamp
Casual Classes | $35

Private Lessons

Prices depend on the Instructor & include up to 3 people
$150 per hour for act creation (one act only) 
$150 per hour for pole (up to three people) 
$150 per hour for lyra (up to three people) 
$150 per hour for Burlesque (up to three people) 
To book, all you need to do is decide which Siren you would like for the lesson and Speak to a Siren via phone or email to secure a time.

Practice Time

$10 for enrolled Sirens | $20 for non-enrolled
Practice time is a great way to work on the moves you have learnt in class, socialise with other students and have a great workout. It is usually not supervised, so it’s really just you, your apparatus and the music! Practice time for apparatus training is only available to those who have taken lessons in either Pole or Lyra (at Sky Sirens or elsewhere). Students from other studios are most welcome!


Please see The Unsexy Page for T&C for class bookings.
If you have a Timetable or Teacher request, please Speak to a Siren to register your interest.The $100 off each additional class is only applicable for the 8 week term. If you intend on booking into more than one course per eight week term, you are eligible for our ‘multiple class discount’ of $100 off your total (for every additional class you book). In order to redeem this discount - you MUST only select the “payment plan” option for each class at checkout. Your discount will then be applied manually when you pay your final balance in week two. If you pay your classes in full online, the discount will not be applied as a refund or credit.